So, uh, about this.

About this site

There's something about working in public that always motivates me. Maybe it's that you get to attract people interested in the same things as you? That you get to be held accountable for making consistent progress? That you get realtime feedback for products you build?
Regardless of the true nature of that motivation, I intend to keep myself occupied by updating this site and working on the myriad of tools and toys I've been playing with in my head. I've been meaning to get into writing as well, on topics that engage me. Will upload them here, too.

About me

Suffice it to say for now that I'm someone who's lost the touch for crafting, lost the magic of tech. Recently I found myself longing for the same feeling I did back when I wrote my first program. This is just a reaffirmation of that same love I neglected, so here goes everything again.
This intro sucks, but that's all you need to know for now anyway. Remind me to do this again if this irks you. 😂